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Pre Ceremony

Piano + Violin

A timeless combo of piano and electric violin, our contemporary emotive instrumental music can perfectly set the tone during guest arrival. 

Ceremony / Sit down dinner Reception

Piano + Violin + Vocals

Perfect for a classy and sentimental atmosphere, with the addition of male/female vocals during the aisle walk this can add that lift and suit your personal requests for the bridal party entrance. 



We offer multiple instrumentation arrangements to suit different moments throughout your event, as well as DJ services.  Have a look at some examples...


Vocal + Guitar 

Laid back and relaxed beer garden vibes, stripped down background music allows your guests to meet, greet and mingle and truly settle into your event.


Electric Violin Loop set

If you're after something really unique, we can include a short electric violin looping instrumental set. This is a type of live music rarely seen at events featuring layers of contemporary improvisational  music. This  is great for shorter canape times and also works well logistically if there's limited time to move performance spots within your venue.

Roaming Cocktail Reception

Guitar + Violin + Vocals

If you have a relaxed approach to your reception and are after a party gathering vibe then this setup is perfect. We feature our upbeat sets to lift the momentum of your event so your guests can prepare for the dancefloor. 


Guitar + Violin + Vocals + Percussion

Our Trio set is great for reception after formalities have completed and guests are ready to get loose. It's our classic duo upbeat sound with our percussionist addition.



Guaranteed to get the dancefloor pumping, we offer active DJ services for the last 1-3 hrs of your event. We have experience with dozens of events and know the classics that get all the different generations up on the dance floor. We can take guest requests if you like or can follow your preference in taste of music. We have top notch equipment to provide quality sound and also supply dancefloor lighting if needed.

Packages and prices available upon enquiry

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